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Fuck Yeah Ray Ray

MB story. Part 37


L.A: close the door behind you Toya

Toya: *doesnt move*

L.A: NOW !!

Toya: *closes door*

Anita: I like you’re room Toya *evil smile*

Toya: what do you want L.A ?

L.A: you know exactly what I want

Toya: Ray Ray doesnt want you

L.A: oh and like he would actually want you ??

Toya: yes I was just at the boys tour bus and me and ray were hanging out

L.A: *gets mad* You little b*tch

Toya: tell me something I dont know…

L.A: well I guess you wont be too happy when they find out it was you who Jacked up Earl’s car so they would get stuck somewhere so you would have more time to seduce and frame ray ray

Toya: no ones gonna believe you

L.A: but Stacey will….

Toya: excuse me ?

L.A: as much as I HATE to admit this Stacey would do anything to get ray ray back and when she finds out you framed him she’s going to tell ray and whatever you and ray had will disappear into thin air.

Toya: Stacey hates you L.A and you know it she’s not gonna believe you

L.A: its worth a try

Anita: you picked the wrong person to mess with

Toya: get out of my room !!

L.A: fine… but Im going to drag you thru the dirt Toya you’re sooo gonna pay for this.

L.A & Anita: *leaves*

Toya: *waits until they’re out of the house* ray ray doesnt want Stacey, he wants me now…


Mrs. Simmons: you boys better hurry up and eat you’re food before it gets cold. I know yall love my famous fried rice

Roc: we sure do !!

Mrs. Simmons: oh I hear the phone ringing let me go and get that *leaves*

Roc: *takes his plate and scrapes half of his food into princetons plate*

Prince: -___-

Roc: hehhehe

Prod: how come Walter never eats her food !!!???

Prince: yeah….

Mrs. Simmons: *comes back* 

Prod: Oh Mrs. Simmons Walter looks a little hungry I think we should fix him a plate 

Mrs. Simmons: you know what you’re right. I’ll go get him and you boys can fix his plate. *leaves*

Prod: QUICK !!! Grab a clean plate and put your food on it. HURRY !!!

—The boys quickly do as Prod says before Mrs. Simmons comes back with Walter

Walter: … uhm Im really not that hungry

Mrs. Simmons: ohh nonsense Walter its okay you can have some of my food.

Prod: yeah WALTER COME AND EAT !!!!!!

Roc: *evil smile*

Prince: Im sure you’ll enjoy ALL of this rice 

Walter: Sees plate with mountain full of Mrs. Simmons ”famous” fried rice. *gulps*

Prince: ENOY !!!

Walter: *whispers to prince* Imma get yall back 

Prince: hehehe


Ray: *gets a text message from Toya reads it*

Text from Toya:

—Ray Ray you know maybe it’s best we forget about what happened tonight…

Ray: WHAT ?!?! *texts back*

Text from Ray:

—So thats how you role… man first Stacey does this 180 switch and now you ? 

Ray: *gets a text from Toya*

—Look Ray I like you but… Its L.A she’s threatening me. Me and L.A go way back and I knew this would be a problem if she found out. She’s blaming me for everything and she wont stop just so she can see you single and miserable.

Ray: L.A ??? UGHH…

Text from Ray:

—Look we’re gonna make this work okay… can I come see you or you come see me again. I dont wanna be alone. I hope thats not a problem.

Ray: *gets text from Toya*

—Come by my place… my Aunt will be asleep soon so I can easily sneak you in.

Ray: yesss *asks Earl to carry him to Toya’s house*


Prod: Prince I really cant believe im asking you this but how are your curls ?

Prince: well… not so curly anymore so I guess she probably left.

Prod: phewww okay… All is well for now.


Aaliyah: *hears door bell* Imma go get it.

Jojo: I still think…

Crissy: Jo we need to give Stacey some time to think on her OWN

Jojo: she obviously needs us to help her.

Crissy: ugh Jo… *shakes head*

Aaliyah: *goes to door and opens it* 

L.A: hello 

Aaliyah: Im going to call the cops

L.A: No no nooooo waiittt… I have some valuable information regarding ray ray and toya

Aaliyah: what ?

L.A: Toya is not the victim here….

Aaliyah: *thinks* Is this chick for real ?

Jojo: man Aalii taking long Imma go check that better not be ray ray ugh Aalii is too soft she prolly let him in already

Stacey: RAY RAY’S HERE ?!?!?!?!?

Crissy: no sweetie 

Stacey: ohhh…

Jojo: gurl you is sprung imma be right back

Crissy: SAYS THE ONE WHO IS SPRUNG OVER ROC !!!!! ahahah sprung over roc like you sprung over a ROCK GET IT !!

Stacey: nooooooo *starts crying*

Crissy: oh dont cry….. 

Jojo: *sees Aalii at the door* Gurl who are you talking to ?

L.A: … yes I think she is framing…

Jojo: UH UH HELLL NOOOOOOOO WHAT IS SHEE DOING HERE ???!!!!!!! Aalii you call the cops while I go get my knife

Aaliyah: Jo no its okay !!

Jojo: what ??

Aaliyah: yes L.A thinks Toya is lying and…

Jojo: LOOK I dont trust Toya but I sure as Hell dont trust L.A either !!! That b*tch needz to go

L.A: uhm hello ?? Im standing right here


L.A: but… let me talk to Stacey

Jojo: noooooo !!!!

Aaliyah: …

L.A: ugh FINE !!!! Dont say I didnt try and help you

Jojo: I wasnt planning on saying it

L.A: *walks away furious*

Aaliyah: but Jo what if she was telling the truth ?

Jojo: *scoffs* dont yall listen when I speak I told yall never trust a b*tch !!!

Aaliyah: oohh right… I dont its just that this time she looked like she was telling the truth. 

Jojo: naahh man you cant trust her she is a bad seed.

Aaliyah: alright well lets go back upstairs to Stacey


Ray: *knocks on back door of Toya’s Aunts house*

Toya: *quietly opens door*

Ray: *whispers* hiii

Toya: *puts finger to her lips* shhh follow me.

—Ray & Toya tip toe up to her room.

Ray: Wow you have a nice…

Toya: *grabs ray and makes out with Ray*


Jojo & Aaliyah: *come back to the room*

Crissy: who was that ?

Jojo: STANK AZZ L.A !!!

Stacey: L.A ?!?!?!?!!?!?!?? WHAT IS RAY RAY OKAY ??!?!?

Aaliyah: we think so she just came over talking about Toya’s been lying and stuff

Jojo: Yeah she just trying to create more drama

Stacey: WAIT !!!

Crissy: what ?

Stacey: I dont think she was lying

Jojo: huh ?

Stacey: ray was telling me that Toya probably did all of this on purpose

Aaliyah: and you didnt believe him ?

Stacey: I… I didnt know what to believe but now I KNOW he wasnt lying and… omygawd that B*TCH !!!!!!!

Jojo: oh lord… well what do you wanna do now ?

Stacey: I need to see ray !! *takes phone dials ray ray’s number*


Ray: whoa Toya you sure move fast…

Toya: I dont like to waste time.

Ray: *phone rings and sees its Stacey*

Toya: who is  it ?

Ray: *sighs* its stacey… should I pick up ?

Toya: uhmm… no… She probably wants to yell at you some more… *is nervous*

Ray: are you sure… maybe….

Toya: *quickly takes ray’s phone and turns it off* Ray you and Stacey are HISTORY !!! Let go and move on… I mean dont you wanna start fresh with me ?

Ray: uhm… I…

Toya: good… come here and let me show you how a real girlfriend should treat her boyfriend.


Aaliyah: well ???

Stacey: he’s not picking up…. *panics* uhm uhm…. 

Crissy: okay okay chill uhm I’ll call Prod

Stacey: okay

Crissy: *calls Prod*

Prod: *picks up* hey babe !

Crissy: hi uhm Prod where are you guys at ?

Prod: oh we’re at Mrs. Simmons house she’s like a grandma to us why ?

Crissy: oh uhm is ray ray there with you guys ?

Prod: no he’s still at the tour bus with Toya…. I think

Crissy: oh no


Crissy: Prod are you sure ?

Prod: when we left she was there… she’s probably gone by now. why whats wrong ?

Crissy: uhm… we have a feeling Toya’s been lying.

Prod: Prince was sensing it with his curls too…. but oh no dont tell me your hair senses stuff too

Crissy: no nooo L.A came over and she tried to warn Stacey.

Prod: whoa really ?

Crissy: yeah but okay we’ll go over to the tour bus see if he’s there.

Prod: okay. bye *hangs up*

Crissy: uhm….

Stacey: CALL EARL !!!!

Jojo: whoa whoaaa are we sure we wanna go bustin up in there. I mean didnt you say you were gonna take a day to think things thru

Stacey: JO !!!! This is my baby ray ray we’re talking about. NOBODY TAKES JAY-Z from BEYONCE and gets away with it !!!!!!! NOW SOMEBODY BETTER CALL EARL NOW !!!!!

Aaliyah: *quickly dials Earl*

Stacey: *walks up and down*

Crissy: *whispers* am I they only on thats kinda scared ?

Jojo: O___O  *whispers* nope

Aaliyah: hey Earl its me Aalii ! Yeah uhm real quick is Ray with you or in the tour bus or something ?? He’s WHERE ?!?! Okay hold on

Stacey: WHERE IS HE ?!?!?!?!?

Aaliyah: He’s at Toya’s house

Stacey: *speechless*

Jojo: Imma go get my knife….

****************to be continued***********************

Toya is gonna get cut !

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